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People or organisations sometimes need something created that is either special or specialist. They value our pieces because they are made the slow way, just as glass was prior to the industrial revolution – Labour intensive and reliant on the skills acquired over a long, international apprenticeship

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Oska Murano

Luxury makeup brush brand

Chief artisan in the design and implementation of the brushes created from glass

"We create exquisite make-up brushes which combine the beauty and functionality of a professional head, the jewellery richness of using noble materials and the exclusivity of having been made by master artisans"

Private Clients

This piece is called 'That's No Way To Say Goodbye', and it was commissioned by someone who fell in love with someone from a foreign country and unfortunately they had to part; but he will never ever forget her. This piece is a homage to her and his undying love

Commissioning work
How does it work?


Atelier #315 & Dr Julie Anne Denton offer a Bespoke Design Service for all & any of your special needs. Clients using this service often prefer a one off, utterly unique piece and appreciate the opportunity to have their input as part of the design process


The process can be broken down into the following stages

  1. Initial Expression of Interest
    Please email . If you have anything particular  in mind that are in my existing collection please add the work title to the email. If on the other hand you want a unique, as of yet un-designed work, please describe the initial starting point, or perhaps add visual material

  2. Site Visitation (if needed)
    At this stage we discuss your design ideas on a one to one basis. I will also assess the suitability of the installation site. I will look at various aspects of the project, such as structural integrity of the installation. Should we need the opinion of other tradesmen they will be obtained on a second site visit. After the site visit, it may be possible to give you a ball park figure. Ball park figures are useful at this stage for you to determine if you wish to proceed with the commission


  3. Design
    The actual design process may only take a matter of weeks or could possibly last years, dependent on the scale of the project and timelines. I will create designs to match the brief and from there we shall enter into an interactive dialogue, whereby designs are modified, rejected, new ones made or accepted. I use digital design applications and sometimes hand drawing


  4. Creation 
    Once a design has been accepted creation shall begin. Throughout the entire process of making, clients are more than welcome to come witness the creation of their unique item. Timescales for making will be estimated prior to starting and a final installation date will be offered. Throughout the entire process of making, photographic updates will be issued. This is so that you can see the progress made to date


  5. Installation (if needed)
    Dependent on the scale of the project, it may take only one day to install or several. In order to install larger works, I utilise the help of skilled workers, who are you used to the installation conditions

National Heritage

One of the ten wonders of the Viking Kingdom. The Pagan Lady Necklace is between 1,000 - 1,500 years old and consists of 56 beads made from glass, faience, amber and jet. National heritage asked Julie Anne to create an exact replica of this necklace which the public would be allowed to touch and experience. This project took four months to complete and involved measuring, drawing and photographing every bead before attempting their replication using the ancient beadmaking methods

Tate Britain

Commissioned by the Tate with jeweller Tess Blenkinsop to create three collections of  jewellery inspired by the artists Turner, Whistler & Monet to coincide with the travelling exhibition of the same name

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