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Meet the team

ZGS exclusive artists & consultants

Artist: Julie Anne Denton (ZGS founder)
Switzerland/Isle of Man

25+ year specialist in solid worked sculptural techniques in soft and boro glass with doctorate concerned with the combination of sandcasting and lampworking

Work in progress_2_edited.jpg

Artist: Shane Fero

50+ year specialist in blown and solid glass - soft and boro

Shane Fero.jpg

Artist: Loren Stump

50+ year specialist in murrine and paperweights in soft glass


Artist: Terry Henry

15+ year specialist in electroforming on lampworked glass

demo 4 screenshot - wire gauge.png

Artist: Guido Adam

20+ year specialist in all forms of boro glass, colour theory and fuming with fine gold & fine silver

Guido Adam 7.jpg

ZGS consultant: Gail Oldroyd

30+ year specialist ZGS advisor in soft and boro glass learning techniques from beginner to advanced

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