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  • How do I properly care for the glass?
    The Right Care for Your ATELIER #315 Handmade Wine Stopper Atelier #315 advises against cleaning the wine stoppers in the dishwasher. Please wash it by hand. To avoid stains: Use soft water (low mineral content). To avoid scratches: Avoid contact with other glass or metal To remove stains: use vinegar (white) When washing by hand: Wash the glass under warm water. Use dishwashing detergent and rinse the wine stopper carefully. Polishing: Use polishing cloths Microfiber cleaning wipes: Wash the wipes with odorless soap to kill bacteria. When washing in the machine, 170° F/75° C is recommended. Do not use fabric softener when washing the microfibre cloths, as this will lead to smudges on the wine stopper.
  • How do we make our products?
    These works are made by hand using a large glass burner which runs off oxygen and propane. It heats the glass at approximately 1'250°C The glass comes in rod form, and can be bought or made as a transparent. Further, there is a substantial coloured glass palette available, which we apply hot in unison with the clear glass - This is how we achieve the pattern. Not only are we using commercially purchased glass from the United States, but we are also recycling glass bottles to make our stoppers in an effort to increase sustainability. We have chosen to do this to help create a better world for you, me and our children. Once each glass sphere has been made we must rest them in a hot oven for 24 hours. We do this so as they can cool down slowly without breaking. The next day our unique objects are tested for both quality and beauty. Any pieces which do not make the grade are discarded.The hand created stoppers are cold-bonded to nickel plated steel stoppers which we designed specific to A#315 requirements of quality and uniqueness. The stoppers are engraved with our studio name and come in two sizes to fit either wine or prosecco bottles - stoppers also fit water bottles and spirit bottles. The finished pieces come in a presentation box designed by A#315 with a gift label should you be buying as a present, plus a romance note to inform yourself a little better about our company and ethos.
  • What is your inspiration for the bottle stoppers?
    I have always loved the simple glass marble. It felt like magic!! How did they get the twist within the marble? The twist intrigued me so much when I was young that it led to a spark and eventually a flame, which inspired me to consequently spend a lifetime in the pursuit of excellence in glass. In terms of our unique bottle stoppers, and in particular the ‘Prosecco collection'. These objects are a homage to the inspiration traditional British marble designs fired up in me as a youth. What I wanted to achieve with my objects was to turn the marble design and its original function on its head whilst adhering to the motto ‘Form follows Function’. Reminiscent of the marbles from my childhood the glimmering twist within the glass sphere turns a dated concept, into modern-day objects of desire. The glass sphere as a concept often conjures up in the mind ideas pertaining to majick and myth. The process of creating art in glass is equally magical. The glass stoppers are my homage to the many forms of magic found in our wonderful world.
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