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This E-demo is designed for intermediate lampworkers/beadmakers interested getting better at sculpting off-mandrel figures in soft glass.


Want to know how to make a full figure in soft glass with legs apart, with arms and stylised fingers? This E_Demo explains all the tips, tricks and techniques necessary to learn to achieve your figure goals. Firue created in the italian style.


You have unlimited access to this e_demo for life. Expect breakages and tears. What we are creating is tricky and takes practice.


You will also receive a complimentary half hour one-on-one consultation with Dr Julie Anne Denton to help you through the tricky bits.


You can work through this E-demo at your own pace and you are subscribed for life. Once you have purchased this E-demo it may take up to 24 hours to add you to your channel. A folder full of complimentary material is included with this E-demo which includes a visual pdf of the technical steps and helpful pictures.


Skill level: Intermediate level, must have your own torch

E-demo A festive devil lady in soft glass