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This class will teach you so many specifics about marbles. We are delighted to announce our second EXCLUSIVE course to Zurich Glass School from flameworking artist to Guido Adam. He creates magical borosilicate objects which push the technical boundaries of colour and form and creativity. Adam has been working in soft and hard glass since 2002 using traditional techniques derived from his studies in Murano, the States and Japan.


Love chaos? Wonder how to make the silver galaxies which streak through Guido Adam's marbles? Want to learn how to use gold & silver to their absolute best advantage? Want to join the World's Biggest Marble Hunt without feeling ashamed??


During the beauty of the space chaos kingdom Guido Adam works with hard glass and concentrates on marbles and pendants based on working with fuming with silver and gold, silver leaf and foil and a select few borosilicate colors. We will be working with solid boro & the profile tubing conturax... And we're making FROGS!


Session 1 Basics: Fume Chaos with a glass rod and silver foil/fuming

Session 2 Intermediate: Chaos Tubing with foil/fuming

Session 3 Basics: Stamps, fuming, space, reactive lines & frits

Session 4 Intermediate: Chaos with liquid silver, backing & Opal

Session 5 Special: Chaos fuming with design Twist & Frogger Bail

Session 6 Advanced: Chaos fuming with conturax tubing


As an icing on the cake this E-course includes a one complimentary 'one on one' zoom consultation with Guido Adam or ZGS founder Dr Julie Anne Denton to help you with the tricky bits, whilst receiving personal help and encouragement with the projects. It is advisable to use this consultation as our participants find the them invaluable.


Visual technical handouts are also provided which help you remember the steps for all the demonstrations at a glance. Please remember, what we are creating is tricky and takes A LOT of practice, logic, patience and an inquiring mind. This E-course is a stand-alone course which is complimented by both Guido 1 : Beauty of the wearable art kingdom & Guido 3: Beauty of the animal kingdom course channels.  Our Guido Adam 2 course will push your skill level and give you confidence in your own glass making abilities, whilst empowering you to own your own creativity.


You can work through this course at your own pace. After purchase allow 24 hours, to be granted access to the Guido Adam 2: Space chaos E-course channel. You will have six months unlimited access to your nine-demo channel. You can watch the video demonstrations over and over again in order to understand every aspect of the demonstration. Please be patient until you receive the email which informs you, you have been granted access to your channel.


A folder full of goodies is included with this E-course channel which includes demo transcriptions, visual technical demo handouts, other technical data sheets which compliment your course and helpful pictures. All demos have been transcribed and are available upon request in 30 different languages.


Skill Level: Own torch or access to a flameworking studio is a necessity. Some knowledge of lampworking is required

E-course Guido Adam 2 - The Beauty of the Space Chaos Marble Kingdom channel

  • You will be sent a dropbox invitation to a shared folder via email which compliments the instructional demos. Enjoy and do not hesitate to book your one on one consultation with the maestro if you are finding any aspects of your e_course tricky - You have one 1 on 1 consultation which comes for free with this e_course. Please use your consultation as our participants find these sessions extremely helpful.

    Please allow 24 hours to gain access to your channel. Look out for emails from atelier315, dropbox & in the coming days.

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