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We wanted to create a christmas object with a function, but I wanted this traditional object to  sing 'modern design'. 

Like all my best pieces this series was developed as a favour to a friend. He owns a gin distillery. In 2019 he needed to decorate for Christmas and because this distillery (once a textile factory and very favourably restored) is one of the most beautiful distilleries in Switzerland he wanted something more special than the usual christmas objects one can purchase in the shop. 


The visitor feedback was so successful that I spent the early part of 2020 developing these pieces into decorative objects for the home and particularly but not exclusively as Christmas hierlooms for the tree. They are glass stars, but in hindsight it is surprising to see their resemblance to the Covid virus which reeks havok throughout the world as we speak. I know in my family we buy decorations for the tree each year that will remind us somehow of what that year brought to our family. 


Without realising I have created an object which both delights in the versatility and uniqueness of us all namely our 'star' quality, whilst simultaneously developing a memory of the year 2020. Each constellation has a bright colourful pastel  circle in the middle to highlight noble characteristics of the human species:

Red - Passion and the fierce love of a lion
Blue - Strength and steely resolve
Green - Calmness in tough times
Pink - Playful and charming

Constellation collection - Complex Star

Favourite Style: Small blue lilac & green
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