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Teaching exclusively online for Zurich Glass School we would like to present master lampworker Shane Fero from the USA. Shane Fero teaches christmas baubles, goblets, vases and figures.


In this initial Shane 1 (Level -beginner to blowing and refreshers) course Shane will teach how to blow with tubing with a focus in soft glass. No special equipment other than your normal lampworking torch is required.


Our course will look at the core elements essential to using tubing to create sculptures. Shane will show us how to both pull points and create long point ends which act as both handles and blowing tubes. Centring those initial points is an indispensable aspect of the process and Shane will show us how it is done. After perfecting these initial tasks Shane will help us learn how to blow a bubble by sculpting the shape with both breath and hand movements. He will instruct us on how to adjust asymmetrical or misshapen bubbles as glass is the art of readjustment, and arguably a percentage of our work is spent fixing things which are not correct. Shane will also show us how to adjust the thickness of the wall of our tubing and prepare us for setting up our bubble in the form of creating spheres, donuts, elongated ovals and other variations. Finally, Shane will introduce you to adding colour, "we must think of the coloration of our glass as a form of painting in that we can apply color in stages with layers of powders, frits, shards and canes to create tonal qualities as well as shades to achieve our results. The viscosities of the particular chemistries of glass add an extra problem or resolution to our results. It can be challenging, but also rewarding to experiment and bring about new effects and colors."


Please remember, what we are creating is tricky and takes A LOT of practice, logic, patience and an inquiring mind.


This e_course is a stand alone course which is complimented by a Shane 2 AND a Shane 3 course.  Our Shane Fero 1 course will push your skill level and give you confidence in your own abilities, and empower you to own other types of blown sculpture.


As an icing on the cake you will also receive a complimentary one on one consultation with maestro Shane Fero worth 24.95 CHF to help you through the tricky bits. It is advisable to use this consultation as our participants find the them invaluable.


You can work through this course at your own pace and you are subscribed for three months to your chosen channel. Once you have purchased this course it may take up to 24 hours to add you to your e_course channel. A folder full of complimentary material is included with this e_course channel which includes demo transcriptions, visual pdf's and helpful pictures. All demos have been transcribed and are available upon request in 30 different languages.


Skill Level: Own torch or access to a flameworking studio is a necessity. Experience in flameworking or beadmaking is preferable.

E-course Shane Fero 2: Intro to Blowing with Soft Glass channel

  • You will be sent a dropbox invitation to a shared folder via email which compliments the instructional demos. Enjoy and do not hesitate to book your one on one consultation with the maestro if you are finding any aspects of your e_course tricky - You have one 1 on 1 consultation which comes for free with this e_course. Please use your consultation as our participants find these sessions extremely helpful.

    Please allow 24 hours to gain access to your channel. Look out for emails from atelier315, dropbox & in the coming days.

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