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Our Torso Talismans were originally based on the Grecian Venus de Milo created in 100 BC. It is commonly thought she represents Aphrodite the goddess of Love and Beauty. The technical knowledge needed to make these gorgeous detailed Talismans comes directly from the Italian island of Murano, as does the glass they are created from. By utilising glass practices which are hundreds of years old, our torso necklaces are made to the highest quality in such fine detail. Each piece is handmade and unique. It’s the perfect gift for men especially, and women who need some luck.


All our individually crafted Torso Talismans are approximately L:55 x W:25 mm

It is up to you if you would like your Talisman mounted on black leather cord or if you would prefer a 925 sterling silver chain. Silver chains come at an extra charge of 20CHF per piece


Torso Pendant

Individual handmade figure
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